You Know You Want This Transforming Computer From Asus

in-win-h-towerAs far as building computers go, the case is typically the most boring piece of hardware. Sure, there are plenty of models with lights and sleek designs, but they’re just not all that interesting. Cases are incredibly important to building a computer – you need to make sure all of the different parts and pieces are going to fit – but few would ever say that they’ve gotten excited about a computer’s chassis.

It would only take a unique manufacturer to get people hyped about a new case. Asus is set to do exactly that, thanks to a collaboration between the manufacturer and In Win – but what makes their new chassis so revolutionary? Cases already have lights, windows, neon-tinted cooling systems…what could Asus and In Win have possibly crammed into a case to make it cooler than any other metal box out there?

Well, it’s not as if Asus and In Win have just crammed some more neon tubing into the E-ATX case. Instead, they’ve managed to turn a computer into a full-blown Transformer.